Monday, September 22, 2014

Catholics who hate America

Could do worse than visiting this post.  Not to say that our actions and strategies post-9/11 aren't above criticism.  Far from it.  Just like those who were more worried about hamstringing Bush than preventing further terror strikes aren't above criticism.  There's much blame to go around.  But that's not what you see here.  You see here that particular brand of America hate that combines hating on America with the belief that being Catholic validates any negative feelings.  The funny part is when someone entirely hating on America is chastised by those who want to hate on America, but don't want to be included in the blame.  They just want to laugh all the way to the bank and ensure themselves it's all those others who are to blame.  I'll give Hezekiah this, at least he shoulders the blame for being in history's most vile nation.  

BTW, my take on the Christians in Iraq is that they were already a dying breed.  After all, the only reason they lasted this long is because sadistic, murderous tyrants crushed and slaughtered the population to a point where none dared lash out at others such as Christians.  That's like relying on the fact that at least the trains were running while Mussolini  was in charge, without considering the cost of making them run.  Christians were still there, but only because those around them were suffering.  If the only thing that kept them alive was the suffering and oppression of others, then I dare say the Church was on borrowed time, and perhaps we are guilty of allowing the unthinkable to happen until the unthinkable was finally revealed. 

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