Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Day Japan Surrendered

Ignored in most liberal, and not a few Catholic and similar sources, September is when the guns fell silent for the second time, and an average of over 100,000 people slain a month was finally stopped.  A month ago, we had the usual racist genocidal Americans nuking thousands of innocent children.  A month later, and you'd not know that anything major happened.  Heck, even I forgot.  In fact, the only reason I remembered was because I came across an article reminding us something interesting.  

The article is here.  It's China giving Japan a finger wagging about its relative lack of zeal in fessing up to its history.  Though in fairness, many in Japan have begun to hold its feet to the fire more than ever in the last half century.  One of the things that has helped overturn Japan's official account of WWII that is embraced by liberals and critics of America, is the emergent Asian world.  Funny thing that. In most history books, WWII began on September 1, 1939 and centered around the defeat of Nazi Germany.  Japan is often an afterthought.  Usually Pearl Harbor, brought about by racist American policies against Japan, and of course the aforementioned Atomic Bombs. 

But in Asia, where the casualty rate turns out to have been around a hundred thousand a month, we begin to see that the case against the bombs is not as clear cut as many have tried to make it.  We begin to see that to many in Asia, Japan and its reign of terror was the central hub of the conflict, with the defeat of Germany being a necessary, yet distant, priority.  Not that the bombings were justified.  But the popular notion that America (evil and racist always) ignored the peace love of Japan in order to nuke babies and terrify the Russians so that the US Military Complex could conquer the world, is beginning to crack.  Anyway, thanks to all who paid the ultimate price all those years ago.  An empire that may have been worse than America was finally defeated.  I apologize for how our generation has so failed to be worthy of their sacrifices.  

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