Thursday, September 4, 2014

The creepy and the kooky

So the other day we were informed that the refugees fleeing ISIS are the responsibility of the US since everything happening in Iraq is the US's fault.  Fair enough.  The US certainly has dropped the ball in recent years.  Which validates that idea of the Evil West.  That's a popular liberal mantra.  The Christian West and its bastard child America is the sole cause of all suffering and evil in the world.  Inferior in every regard, it still manages to be wrong about everything while contributing virtually nothing but the high ideals of post-Christian progressive ideologies.

Still, there are variants, and denominations and levels of devotion to this popular mantra.  So one fellow comes in to affirm the complete guilt and burden of responsibility that America has in all this, which is fine.  But then he dares to suggest that not all Muslims seem quite as passionately against ISIS as we might want.  Eerily quiet perhaps in their protests against ISIS.  Just like in the years after 9/11, when more than one observer noticed that while Muslims, when pressed, would condemn the attacks, many seemed to wiggle a little bit from complete condemnation, while also wanting to somehow blame everything from America to the Crusades.

Well, that won't do.  If liberalism has taught us one thing, it's that you can't have tolerance and diversity unless you achieve total obedience to the dogma.  So one of my favorite posters swings in to chastise this wayward commenter. It's not enough that he has declared the US the cause of all evil in the Middle East, and the prime contributor to ISIS and its reign of terror.  He has erred by suggesting that the non-Western/non-American world is anything but pure and wonderful, except those who understandably hate us because we made them hate us.

Fortunately, this is but one corner of the Catholic blogosphere.  Unfortunately, it reflects a suicidal attitude and belief system held by a growing number of Westerners, Catholics, and enemies of the Christian Western tradition.  Still, you have to admit, it's fun to watch.


  1. Unfortunately, it reflects a suicidal attitude and belief system held by a growing number of Westerners, Catholics, and enemies of the Christian Western tradition.

    The good news is, this is a phenomenon that we won't have to worry about too much longer within the church, because those multi-culti "Christians" won't pass the joke that passes for their "faith" on to their children.

    And that's even assuming they aren't beheaded by their "mostly peaceful" Muslim pets.

  2. Yeah, how dare we say anything bad about slavers. /end sarcasm

    Well TMLutas at least finally dropped the hammer on Mark in this post:

    "Mark is biased towards the left politically and towards the Democratic party. That's completely permissible and I've nothing to say about it. His phoney baloney pose of a pox on both your houses and biased incidence reporting attempts to establish a sort of 'normal' where moderate left wing is a falsely defined center. This is a sophisticated form of lying that is common on the left and Mark has either been taken in by it, or is a conscious participant of it. From outside, I can't tell the difference and I frankly don't care. Both variants are equally destructive. Most importantly, neither variant is Catholic because, lying.

    Normalizing double standards politics as legitimately Catholic is my beef. That makes this a religious, not just a political complaint."

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  4. FWIW, I have no problem with Mark being a pro-life liberal Catholic. The problem I have is that he continues to label himself a conservative when it's clear to anyone with a brain that he isn't. What has brought about the change I don't know. But he's conservative in the same way Fox News is fair and balanced.

  5. Well Fox News is fair and balanced by sheer comparison of the competition. XD

    You're right, the worst part is the false labeling. It would be like if I went around claiming to be Catholic and then ran a whole series of blog posts on that "thing that used to be Catholicism".

    Like Lutas said, it's an attempt to define the middle leftward under the guise of being... well something you're not.

  6. Originally, Fair and Balanced meant that Fox would give equal time to both sides, as opposed to most of the media that stacked things to one side. When Fox tries to use it to suggest it is unbiased, that's when it gets tough.

    As for the Catholic, there is something to be said about the Church and its movements in recent years, that some could argue are becoming more sympathetic toward modern ideals than traditional viewpoints. A self proclaimed conservative who has declared obedience to the Church could, potentially, be torn by this, if this is something that is true.


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