Saturday, September 27, 2014

Try working in a pro gay denomination some time

I love stories like this. You can just feel the unspoken references to Orwell, Big Brother, Fascism, and all those other tropes from the old days of liberalism, when we were promised an open society of free thought and respecting diverse opinions.

Of course this is the same culture that feels no compunction about trying to punish and ostracize anyone who fails to conform to liberal values regarding the same subject.  And it's not just the secular Left.

During our journey into the Catholic Church, I knew many ministers from more liberal denominations.  Many of their congregations declared themselves 'welcoming and affirming.'  That is, pro-gay.  Fair enough.  As crazy as those hazy days were, I actually considered some of those as possible avenues. After all, I wasn't sold on Catholicism just yet, and wanted to keep my ministry alive, and certainly had grown tired of some of the extremes of conservative evangelicalism I experienced.

But here's the thing.  By welcoming and affirming they meant pro-gay.  Just like so many euphemisms used on the Left, it didn't mean what it suggested.  They weren't welcoming and affirming at all.  And if I wasn't going to celebrate marriage equality and other euphemistic doctrines, then there was the door.

So while stories like this are meant to get people to think 'gee, that's like intolerant, isn't it?'  Just try watching the news sometime, and see the same treatment go the other way from those who want to suggest intolerance is a one way street.

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