Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yeah, Bill Maher

You may have heard right.  Bill Maher. Bill Maher has lashed out against Paul Ryan and Rand Paul for - get this - being intellectually stuck in their teen years.  Bill Maher.  This is not a joke.  It is not a SNL sketch.  It is real reporting.  It is an actually story that, with a straight face, reports Bill Maher's disdain for the intellectual inferiority of Paul Ryan and Rand Paul. I'm not saying I agree with Paul or Ryan (that was weird).  But for it to be Maher, one of the least informed and least educated voices in the pop culture debate, whose public persona suggests he never made it past emotional puberty, has to be a new high in all time lows.  That the story reports this with no sense of irony shows the level of uselessness that our agents of information have obtained.  Really.  Bill Maher.  That's like Justin Bieber railing against Beethoven or Mozart for being no talent hacks.  The good thing about Fred Phelps and Glenn Beck is that most informed conservatives and religious believers either denounce them (Phelps) or take them with more than a few grains of salt (Beck).  But on the secular left, Maher is considered quite the hero, and often is given respectable time on such venues as MSNBC or CNN.  The Rational and Reasoned side indeed.

Editor's note: I know this came from The Blaze.  But in the internet age, outlets like The Blaze are increasingly seen as respectable journalism, and often are quoted as sources in various traditional news outlets.

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