Saturday, April 6, 2013

Christ Hayes was simply elated

That a US federal judge decided it was time for girls of all pertinent ages to get access to the morning after abortion pill - especially if they can do it with Mom and Mom knowing!  Well, I'm not sure if that would be a good thing, but Mom and Dad?  Screw them.  I saw the segment on his show on MSNBC (the one network that makes FOX News look fair and balanced by comparison).  He began the segment showing a clip of President Obama coming out in support of his administration keeping restrictions on the pill, especially as it could be used by girls too young to understand the ramifications, such as health risks that have accompanied the pill.  On a side note, let any other over the counter medication have the slightest health risk and BAM!, it's off the shelves in no small time.

Nonetheless, a federal judge has decided that any girl 'of reproductive age' should be able to get the pill whenever she wants.  A triumph says Chris Hayes!  Yes, he admitted it was a low point for the Obama administration for the president to talk about such stupid, unscientific things as keeping young girls of any reproductive age from having this wonder drug.

The secular left is, well, evil.  I mean, there are other evils too.  It's not like the religious right doesn't have it's share of evil.  Fred Phelps anyone?  And it probably extends beyond simple labels of Left and Right, Secular or Religious.  But the difference is, Phelps doesn't have a special show on a major Cable News outlet.  Nor is he invited by Ivy League colleges to lecture, or treated as an informed guest on current events on CNN.  The evil of the Secular Left is, well, mainstream.  It's promoted, pushed, and endorsed by the media, popular culture and even our educational institutions 

Can you imagine, 20 years ago, if there had been a push to allow girls as young as early teens free, unbridled access to a pill that terminates a pregnancy?  Even 10 years ago?  And yet Mr. Hayes devoted an entire portion of his show explaining that sex at any age and the right to abort babies for any reason is the goal.  And it's high time the President ditch the last shreds of puritanical stupidity and get with the hip times, just like our good Judge Edward Korman. Death has truly been given a holiday. 

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