Monday, April 15, 2013

Bloggers note

I was asked about my post on Catholic Stereotypes in which I referenced the old made for TV movie of Ivanhoe.  I said that the movie was, as TV movies go, not bad in keeping with the basic gist of the book.  I then went on to describe the characters and what I was getting at about stereotypes.  It was pointed out that, in the book, Lucas Beaumanoir is actually quite the believer, the zealot and the fanatical font of superstition and lunacy.  So much so that Brian de Bois Guilbert (perhaps the true main antagonist in both book and movie, truth be told) references his style of witch hunt mentality as the thing that future generations will scorn. In an attempt to keep up with things, I should have clarified I was referring to the TV portrayal, where the general idea seems to be he only believes it to a point, shooting sidelong glances and willingly lying, basically not being the zealous yet true hearted believer he is in the book.  I should have specified.  Just keeping up with those who are keeping up.  Thanks.

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