Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher has died

There's not much news right now.  This seems to have been sudden.  Because of that, it will take the news outlets time to get their stories together.  The last of the Democratic side of the big four who were responsible for bringing a peaceful end to the Cold War, her legacy was one of stalwart success in the face of progressive disdain.  I don't know enough of Britain's economy or financial history to comment too much of her overall record. I just know she, like Reagan here, was loathed by the Baby Boomer era Left.  And it was with bitter hesitation that they begrudgingly gave her any credit in bringing an end to the Cold conflict.

Reagan fairs less well in America, as most on the Left, with help from the media, have convinced a generation that it was hip and cool Gorbachev alone who was responsible, while Reagan more or less stumbled about looking for a glass of water.  Of course Gorbachev deserves credit (and for his part, is more than happy to acknowledge the others).  Pope John Paul II, along with Thatcher and Reagan were instrumental to the non-violent conclusion.  Others, naturally.  Lech Wolesa was quite the hero, until he recently blasphemed the liberal gospel by not supporting gay marriage.  Those behind the Iron Curtain who struggled and risked everything to oppose the terror of the Communist USSR also deserve credit.

Nonetheless, in terms of leadership, it was Reagan, John Paul II, Gorbachev and Thatcher who brought a non-violent end to the Cold War, at a time when most were convinced it would only eventually end under the shadow of a million mushroom clouds.  And it is something that progressives and secularists chafe at to this day.  Rest in peace Margaret Thatcher, and we thank you.

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