Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Senator Ricardo Lara embraces his inner Big Brother

And the ironically titled Friendly Atheist needs a cigarette because of it.   Notice how the Mr. Mehta of the Friendly Atheist frames it: Law will remove Boy Scouts for discrimination against atheists (and also groups who reject homosexuality).  The power of the secular left has been to embrace, in the name of tolerance and diversity, a self righteousness attitude that would shame a KJV only Baptist Preacher.  There simply is no alternative to the Left.  As Barry Lynn once explained to Anderson Cooper, they're not promoting liberal values.  They're advocating Truth.  And as we all know, there is nothing wrong with Laws being made to enforce Truth.  Likewise, with the help of the limp-as-a-biscuit-when-it-comes-to-facts media, and the dual offensive line of Hollywood and the US education system, those on the Left have been able to convince a swath of America that Evil and Hate are best defined as failing to conform to Truth.  'What is Truth?' Pontius Pilate asks. Well, Jesus may not have answered, but 21st century leftists like Barry Lynn, Ricardo Lara, and Hement Mehta are more than happy to step in and give the answer: Truth is that which demands conformity, and must ruthlessly segregate and oppress and censor those who fail to conform (in the name of diversity and tolerance of course).  Those who wish for freedom and liberty be warned.

An update: It was pointed out to me that this is not a law of censorship at all.  It's merely following the Separation of Church and State principle that the government should not endorse an organization that is explicitly religious.  Well, first off, that will only be true if atheist organizations or other non-traditional religious organizations are also affected.  Likewise, if an organization that refuses people who reject homosexual normality is also impacted.  And there are those, by the way.  As a former pastor, when I was wandering about in my gradual move into Catholicism, I toyed with looking at some more moderate denominations  since I did know many clergy in those denominations, and I had grown tired of some of the blind spots among my more conservative evangelical comrades.   Not the hyper liberal ones,  just those that considered themselves 'open and affirming' (wink, wink).  Well, when it was discovered that I would not accept homosexual normality and rejected the spin used by those denominations to validate embracing homosexuality, that was that.  So I was excluded based on my rejection of homosexuality.  Unless those things also happen with this law, it is raw McCarthy styled censorship   It's the Red Scare, 21st century style.  Red in this case symbolizing those who don't vote for liberal candidates or embrace liberal values.

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