Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fr. Barron and the arguments for Gay Marriage

He's not really arguing against it, but he is pointing to a problem with modern discourse.  Alas, the style of argument is not confined to the realm of gay marriage, or any particular topic for that matter.  Truth be told, nowadays, we'll go to the mattresses over the type of Spock ears that look the best.  Don't know why, perhaps it's because we have higher levels of education, and therefore assume that because we took two semesters of Western Civ. 100 and 101 we're therefore the undisputed champs of historical insight, and anyone who disagrees must be idiots or evil.  Perhaps it's an excuse.  Maybe we know this level of 'anyone who sees things different is evil' is bogus, and it's just a lazy, easy way to shut down debate.  But it comes so natural, about so many things, it's easy to believe we've actually come to a point where it won't be long before the government is called in to formally punish wrong-thinkers as defined by me.  I wish Fr. Barron spent more time on that part of it, but overall, a good primer for some of the weaker arguments behind gay marriage advocacy.


  1. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Focus on the good Fr. Barron.

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