Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The deplorable legacy of liberal Christianity

Can best be viewed here:

That's an atheist, FWIW.  But the arguments are just as common in liberal churches and denominations across the world.  I knew many ministers from liberal denominations that used virtually every argument that the clip above trots out of the closet.  There's a reason we don't hear much about the "religious left." Not that there isn't one.  But have you ever wondered why there isn't the same emphasis, even from atheists and secularists who may be concerned about 'religious leftism'?

Because the religious left is basically the yap dog of the modern era.  They don't lead anything.  They don't stand ground against progressive movements.  When the latest, hippest declares a new late and hip ideal, the Religious Left takes scissors and razor blades to what's left of the Scriptures to accommodate   So when a health minister in England, some years ago, first suggested that it might be OK allowing parents to let their babies die after they were born in case it takes that long to decide if the baby is worth saving, people were shocked that Bishops in the Anglican Church came out and said, "Yeah, I think that's what Jesus would do."

Of course every time Christianity attempts to conform to the Secular Left, it ends up dwindling away at a faster pace.  Part of that is because some people just can't go that far.  At some point, people will pause and wonder if God is really the divine feminine spirit of the vagina only satiated only by aborted fetuses that demonstrate power over the inherently worthless male of the species   Others will keep going, but there will be splits.  Plus, those remaining tend to increasingly embrace the narcissism and hedonism all too common within the Secular Left, and so feel little compulsion to wake up on Sunday mornings for anything that doesn't center on them.

Still, that's little concern for the Left.  Some, like Sam Harris, do get frustrated that the wimpy liberal believers get in the way of the fact that religion can no longer be tolerated and needs to be eradicated.  Nonetheless, most pay little attention, knowing that the religious Left stands for nothing but following wherever the movement of progress leads.  And if it means allowing parents to kill their kids, so be it.  Certainly, that's what Jesus would do.  As one liberal professor mused years ago when I was in Seminary  if you don't think Jesus would embrace the liberal truth, just ask her.

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