Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Walking Dead Redux

Otherwise known as 'The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour'.  Whew.  I mean, can they really dig people up to go just to go on a rock tour?  I remember when Frank Sinatra was doing is final tour, and many complained that he was, well, embarrassing himself.  We saw him in 1990, he was 75 years old.  Truth be told, he wasn't at the top of his game, but he wasn't bad either.  Still I remember the ribbing, the jabs, the jokes, and quite frankly, the heads hanging in embarrassment for this once dynamic entertainer brought low by the ravages of age.  And now?  I mean, all Frank did was walk about and sing, with the occasional joke here or there.  The Stones still get out there and act like they think they're in their 20s.  And to me, it's a million times more embarrassing.  Just like it's embarrassing that the entire Baby Boomer generation seems to refuse to grow up.  FWIW, when my boys see them perform, they think the same thing.  Will the Baby Boomers never learn?

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