Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

Even with things being tight, we've managed to pluck out a decent Advent season.  No major light displays this year, and just recently put up the tree.  That actually helped us remember that Advent is what the Church does, 22 shopping days till Christmas is what Madison Avenue does.  Nonetheless, we've had our times, watched our specials, and have decorated some.  Part of the sparseness is owing to our youngest being at that stage of 'grab first and bemoan the broken heirloom second.' 

One of the highlights, as always, was the annual Christmas Holiday Concerts.  The nice thing about our town is it's generally to the right of center, and for the most part, willing to have the odd Christmas carol or even Christian carol as part of the music.  As a special note, the middle school director, who happens to be Jewish, picks the most Christian selections of the bunch.  We received a new camera from the family for our collective birthdays, plus we've been given some wonderfully anonymous gifts for Christmas from our Catholic friends and family. That's been a big help. Still, new cameras take some getting used to, and these aren't the best shots I've ever pulled off.  Plus, because of the resolution, memory cards don't hold that much!  But below are the three oldest doing their thing, bringing out some of that whimsical holiday spirit, and getting us in the mood for Christmas time, even while our hearts and prayers are with those who will hurt so badly for a host of reasons.

Our 7th Grader, banging those bongos like a chimpanzee

Our 8th Grader, trombone in hand, ready to carry the Nutracker Suite
(and no, the fellow in the Santa hat isn't on the basketball team)

Mr. high school Junior getting ready to take his seat with the orchestra

No, he isn't in a band yet, just bragging on his wonderful specialness
Positive note: the High School concert, which happened after the Newtown shooting, took up an impromptu offering for the school, and raised hundreds of dollars!  The spirit of Christmas.  How awesome. 


  1. Well no wonder you're poor, you're band parents! (old, old joke)

    Your high schooler is clearly the wisest having picked woodwind. (sax player for 6 years ;))

    Awesomeness all around, and that youngest will definitely be in band. Looks like a born performer. :)

  2. I can't be biased. I played sax as well as brass and even tried a stint at percussion. Right now, if things turn around, I'd love to try a hand a bagpipes.

  3. So your kids really did get it honest, eh?

    Hmmm... I'll have to see if I still have my old bagpipes. If I do, I'll see what I can send to you.

  4. Actually, they get their music from the Mom. I'm more comedy relief.


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