Thursday, December 6, 2012

I am not a Charles Thomas!

I don't know why, but the name on my blog is showing up as one Charles Thomas, esquire.  I'm not Charles Thomas, nor do I play one on TV.  I can't figure for the life of me why it's showing up like that, or where it came from.  Until I do, know that my unsolicited nom de plume is CT, until I get it fixed.  This probably goes hand in hand with the sudden wave of spam comments that are making it past the filter.  Oh well.  Charles Thomas, at your service (a little Hobbit talk there).


  1. At last Mr Thomas... you thought you could hide from me, but now the tables have turned!

    (you should imagine me cackling and stroking a cat)

    While you get it under control, may I recommend this discussion, I think you'll like it. (oh, and thank you for doing your part to preserve civilization*)

    *That will make sense when you watch it.


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