Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's always nice when intelligent people admit that water is wet

It looks like Dr. Tim Stanley, a historian specializing in the United States (he's British, after all), has noticed what should be patently clear to anyone with a brain.  The Mainstream Media has it in for the Catholic Church, at least regarding certain issues (those which the Church runs afoul of progressive dogma).  Wow.  Really?  As a Protestant pastor, I used to joke that I was thankful for the Catholic Church, since it gave people something they could still proudly hate.  That took Christianity in general out of the cross hairs   Sometimes I wonder if Catholics across the blogosphere realize this.  No matter how many times they try to insist the sins of the world are because of those rascally Protestants, and the Catholics Church is really, really super swell and never did the really bad things, the non-Christian world isn't buying it.  As a non-Christian myself, I initially bought into the whole 'religion bad/not religion good' song and dance, and along with most folks I knew, saw the Catholic Church as the epitome of everything that was bad in religion rolled into one.  It would be better for Catholics to stop hammering Protestantism  and realize when they do, it only hurts the Christian witness to a non-Christian world, and it doesn't do a damn thing to change the idea that if religion sucks, and Christianity really sucks, there is nothing that sucks more than the Catholic Church. Read the article.  It's a nice bit of 'water is wet' journalism, but it is something that would strike others as strange and far fetched.  Such is the depths to which the modern prejudice has sunk.

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