Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thomas McDonald unpacks the Coventry Carol

And makes quite a few good points in the process.  The emphasis is, of course, on the sudden appropriateness of this oft forgotten carol.   But like any good piece, he gets in a couple other points, some that could be more pertinent to the subject than one might think at first glance.   He mentions the old mystery plays that were popular throughout England, but were banned during that period of Protestant domination.  He then adds a little link, sarcastically pointing out that such brutal oppression of religion expression would never, ever happened in enlightened countries such as ours.  To me, that's pertinent because I am all about getting to the bottom of things, including why we have this growing trend of young, middle class white men opening fire in defenseless public places.  Just on CNN last night, they mused on the possibly of invoking racial profiling.  Perhaps we should.  But only if we can get to why they are the ones doing such things.  For me, one reason could be the ease with which the white male has been blamed for all things horrible.  What impact could that have on otherwise unstable young men?  Another, which Mr. McDonald points out, and which I kicked around the other day,  could be this growing trend of invoking censorship because everything offends me.  Who knows? A combination of these and other factors?  But all worth looking at, at least IMHO. If we really want to get to the bottom of things.

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