Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ticket fights lunacy with lunacy

So the whole birther thing should die down now since President Obama has finally released the long form of his birth certificate.  I doubt it.  Conspiracy theories are self-protecting.  Any evidence showing the conspiracy is wrong can be dismissed as part of the vast conspiracy.  Whether a King James only Fundamentalist, Oliver Stone, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, Jesse Ventura, Trig Birthers, 9/11 truthers, FDR conspiracists, or whatever other conspiracy theory that has a life of its own, the evidence is irrelevant.  No matter what, small potatoes like evidence won't stand in the way of those who refuse to admit Obama was actually born in Hawaii.

And yet, those on the left have almost reached climax at the chance to suggest that this is merely part of the racism indicative of failing to worship and adore The One.  Not only are those who are behind the birther movement racists - which apparently is self evident - but it's because everyone who opposes President Obama on virtually any topic is no doubt doing so because of underlying racist feelings.  Am I saying there are no racists behind the birther obsession?  No.  Am I saying there is no racism in America, or among those who oppose Obama?  No.  Racism exists in many areas and among many groups.  But let's face it, after the first zillion accusations, one does begin to have a 'boy who cried racist' view of the tactic.

So the lunacy of one movement is dealt with by the lunacy of another. The shame of it is how each side can see so clearly the foolishness of the other.  Or put another way, each side can see the speck in the eyes of the other so clearly, and yet miss the log of looniness in their own.

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