Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back next week

It goes without saying that it's been an eventful week.  Blogging has been, well, non-existent.  I've not been around to keep up with things, or even think of them.  I'll start slowly back into things this coming week.  I've appreciated the comments, emails, and general shows of support.  My Dad was a heck of a guy, and I was always proud that he was my Dad.  One of my goals has been to be half as good a Dad as he was.  He will be missed.  But life goes on, and that is my job for the upcoming weeks.  I'll be back starting Monday, will comment on a few things, post a few thoughts, and generally hope not too many have fallen off the reader list to have to start fresh.  So I'll be back then, and prayers and thoughts for my Dad, my Family, and me will continue to be appreciated.  Till then, TTFN.

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