Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China cracks down on Christians

And the European Union reacts.  Or at least reacts to China's crackdown on everyone but Christians, if this article in the Associated Press is to be taken at face value.  Just a couple days ago, a well publicized story ran detailing a recent raid by China on home churches that refuse to buckle under Chinese law that demands all religious practice be controlled by the state.  Yesterday, I saw another story reporting on Christians stopped from trying to pray in public.  After wondering where the official outcry was, I then saw this headline stating that a EU official was decrying China's crackdowns.  Innocent babe that I was, I figured this was in relation to the recent story of persecuted Christians. 

But not so!  It was dealing exclusively with China's arresting of various reformists and critics.  Now I'm all for the EU going after China for oppressing lawyers, artists, activists, and others calling for Middle Eastern style revolts.  But if the AP is to be believed, there was no real concern about the well publicized crack down on religious (Read: Christian) communities in recent days.  In fact, it is conspicuously absent.  Perhaps there's more behind it than what the AP reported.  And if it were any other organization than the EU, I might be inclined to assume it was the AP's spin on things.  But in this case, it's hard to guess which one is shining the light on all but religious persecution.

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