Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because hating Christians in general and Catholics in particular

Has replaced apple pie as one of the foundational American trademarks, you may have missed the upswing of violence against Catholic institutions in California in recent years.  That's years.  Despite keeping an eye on the news, I admit I've missed it.  Here's a little snippet:

The arson at St. John Vianney Church is the latest in a string of crimes against Catholic institutions across California. In January, a vandal spray-painted the words “Kill the Cathlics” on the walls of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Anaheim and St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Irvine. Beginning in December 2010, Holy Family Catholic Church in Glendale was forced to tighten security measures after a thief repeatedly broke into collection boxes used by parishioners to donate money to the needy.
How about that.  Imagine if it were Synagogues or Mosques or Gay Bars.  Imagine what the media coverage would be then.  Even one instance is all that would be needed.  Not that violence or threats against any of those things would be acceptable or in any way tolerable.  I'm just pointing out the disparity between the coverage of, say, a Mosque fire in Tennessee, or violence against a California Synagogue, compared to this.  Has anyone even heard of this?  Have we seen this on CNN or any of the networks?  Or FOX for that matter, beyond a mere passing tidbit?  The trick in all this will be to have Christians wake up in time without empowering the fringe elements of the Faith to generate old prejudices and bigotry in the name of Christianity.  Can it happen?  Will it occur in time?  We'll have to see.

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  1. That is a scary thought. But for now we should make others aware.


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