Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because the Republicans want to lose in 2012

Many are beginning to get behind the Donald.  Yeah, Donald Trump.  No, really.  A man who inherited his millions, has become the poster child of avarice, and has led a life and promoted the ethics of everything one expects to see on an MTV reality show.  Heck, he has his own reality show that promotes, well, those same stellar principles.  In 2008, many Republican pundits pushed Rudy Giuliani due to the notion that a celebrity was needed to take down either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama.  Despite the fact that in most ways, particularly in the social/religious issues, Giuliani stood to the left of all but the most liberal Democrat, Rudy was the man.  Those religious and social conservatives who protested?  They were told to sit down, shut up, and vote Republican or else they would get a Democrat who might do things to hurt billion dollar coporations' abilities to routinely screw the working class and exploit third world countries.

So, after McCain, mister 'I'm proud not to be one of those radical right types' McCain, got his butt pounded in 2008, what have the Republicans learned?  Apparently nothing.  Those who think they can continue to tell the social and religious contingency - the one that made the Republicans even come close to competing with the Democrats for the last three decades - to take a hike have another think coming.  This idea that once every four years Republicans can pretend to care, expect the votes, and then go back to business as usual should have shown its flaws when Delaware Republicans voted for Christine O'Donnell rather than Michael Castle.  But it hasn't.

Some Republican pundits are starting to salivate over the Donald, for reasons I can't truly fathom.  I can see why Democrats hope for a Donald nomination, but not thinking conservatives. Not only will it continue to alienate those inconvenient religious types who the Republicans desperately need, but it will help to perpetuate the media stereotype that Republicans are a bunch of Mammon worshipping clowns.  But then again, when someone who can act as crazy loony as Ron Paul emerges as the voice of reason in the party, let's face it, you know they're going down the road that leadeth unto political destruction.

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  1. This whole Donald Trump thing has to be some sort of sick insane Joke. I just can't imagine after the times that we have had with inexperienced presidents and incapable leaders. I will not vote for him that is for sure!


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