Friday, April 29, 2011

Bishop Larry Benfield reflects on the recent tornado outbreak

on the Huffington Post, and gets blasted for his efforts.  Now, it's obvious that the Huffpost, like most online media outlets, is not news.  It's a propaganda ministry for the advancement of post-modern secular leftist agendas.  To that end, any coverage of religion is almost always negative.  Yes, it has a Religion section, which is a sub-section of its sub-section on Living.  But most coverage is of any religion but Christianity.  When Christianity is mentioned, it's how we need to drop Christianity, or conform it to the dogmas of post-modern leftist thought ... at best.  Usually it's this or that scandal, this or that fringe nut in Christian garb, or any other excuse for the Huffpost multitudes to swoop in and strike.

Occasionally, however, a contributor will put partisanship aside and actually try to deal maturely with a theological issue, or reflect on an important story in the news.  That's what Bishop Benfield did here.  And the result?  Well, the same.  The secularists swooped in to demonstrate what I'm increasingly convinced of - that most (not all, but most) modern atheism is more a personality disorder than an intellectual movement.  In fact, reading the posts of so called rationalists, it's not hard to see the growing gap between how rational they are versus just how rational they think they are.

My favorite was this little gem:

""why a loving God would allow such destructio­n to occur to innocent people" It's a question Christian'­s *never* confront"
That was me underneath, pointing out the obvious:

"It's a question Christians never confront? Are the secularist­s I'm reading here really that ignorant of religion, religious belief, and religious life? Or are you all just pretending­?"
It's the 'we don't know nuthin about religion cuz it's like dumb, and we're super smart types' that makes so many modern secularists into the joke they are.  Only because they have almost unilateral support from the tripartite information vendors in our cultural/educational/and media institutions, are they not laughed off the stage.  Instead, their particular brand of lunacy sans brains is actually lifted up as the goal for which all thinking people should strive.

My heart really goes out to the thoughtful and deep thinking secularists out there who see how this modern atheist movement is a sad joke, made dangerous by a growing yearning to follow through with its solutions to the religious problem.

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