Friday, April 15, 2011

Courts to crybabies: Sorry about your luck.

In another attempt to ban religion from the public forum and brutally shred the Constitution in the name of secular superiority, The Freedom From Religion Foundation (catch that title?) had successfully filed a lawsuit trying to end the National Day of Prayer.  It was quite a stink when a lower court said yes, America should oppress all public displays of religion in order to impose a secular world view on the country.  Thankfully, not all is lost in our Barney Fife generation.  The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has more or less said hogwash.  A bunch of adult babies who are boosed by having to tolerate differing opinions about the divine does not equate legal injury.  They even went so far as throwing out another similar lawsuit.  Good for them.  While I can see where forcing school kids to learn Islam Christianity is crossing the Constitutional lines, the growing attempt by fundamentalist secularists to dispense with this whole freedom of religion in the name of their own insecurities is crossing the line.

By the way, I'm sure legal experts will be able to prove, like anything else, that this means nothing.  It is no doubt just some technicality and the court was saying nothing more than this or that little nuance in the law applies or doesn't apply.  But it's still a victory, if for no other reason, than stemming the growing tide of people who think dropping the dreaded 'offended' flag allows for censorship and oppression of liberty in the grandest Orwellian tradition.

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