Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm here, I'm gone again!

It's building up to the Triduum, so I will be gone again for the next few.  I know stepping out when the blog was so new has hit some of the readership I had accumulated.  Hopefully you all will visit back again.  I know how these things go: here today, gone later today.  I was building up a great readership, receiving emails and suggestions, building up the number of commenters, and even getting prayer requests!  But alas, things happened over and over and over again, and I've not been able to keep up.  Thus many who were only beginning to swing by have gone their ways.  Can't say that I blame them.  There are, after all, a zillion blogs out there to choose from.  Nonetheless, I'm optimistic.  I'm praying things turn around here on the home front, and that some things might begin to open up in ways we can't imagine.  In any event, spread the word if you can, come on back and visit, sit a spell, and enjoy.  Until then, a happy and blessed Easter to all!


  1. Well I am still here. I know I have not had as many chances to comment with work being crazy for me right now, but I am still reading.
    Happy Easter to you and yours

  2. Hey, that's one! And quality counts for something. I've seen a few others around, and hopefully they'll be back. Happy Easter back!


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