Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mark Shea asks

Can't anything just be fun anymore?  I guess not.  Turns out Superman is renouncing his American citizenship.  When comic books are rushing to the post-American dream, you know it's bad.  But this is what happens.  America, like Europe in the last century and a half, has thrown religion out the window.  Unfortunately, us humans have a innate tendency to want to worship something, and want to value some dogma as exclusive truth that demands conformity.  A dogma upon which all other truths are based.  In the absence of other options, it looks like politics has become the religion of choice.  And it appears to touch on every part of society, even more than religion ever did.

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  1. Man, I was angry over this because of all the fridge logic.

    There's a reason I find the phrase "the personal is political" to be one of the most poisonous ideas ever.


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