Friday, April 29, 2011

Long life and much happiness to you both

Prince William and Kate!  I didn't watch most of the coverage, but was able to catch the last part of the wedding this morning.  I did get to hear Dr. Richard Chartres' excellent homily (that's sermon to you Protestants out there). 

I wish them well.  Knowing the train wreck that was William's parents' marriage, I hope they learn the appropriate lessons.  I don't know. Much of the build up, at least for the media, was gloating over the young couple's glee in tossing out many of those pesky old customs.  Especially those religious type things regarding cohabitation.  And yes, just from the coverage I saw, the MSM was keen on making sure I saw as many times as possible, the presence of Sir 'I'd ban Christianity if I could ' Elton and his, er, significant other.  So while billions watched, I got the feeling that some, in the media at least, were hoping to convey some subliminal messages about the signs of the times. 

So be it.  I enjoyed the spectacle, and in no way hate everything 'royal family', so was able to sit back and wonder what it would be like if England was more like the service itself.  But then, it would be nice if the world was that way.  I just hope they have many blessings, use their position to reverse England's descent into post-British oblivion, and enjoy their time upon this sod for the good of one another, and those multitudes who have so little in this world.

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