Friday, February 4, 2011

Warning signs missed with Nidal Malik Hasan

OK, so a report finds what many had guessed, that Major Hasan's shooting rampage in Fort Hood was not quite as sudden as early reports tried to paint.  Now for the million dollar question: why?  Was this just some consistent dropping of the ball over and over again?  Or was there a reason behind it?  Many will conclude that this is the result of PC censorship that abounds in our country today, mixed with prejudice and bigotry aimed at others, such as right wing activists who were so quickly blamed after the Tuscon shootings.  Others will dispute the findings.  While others will insist it was just some cosmic coincidence, a series of failures that could have happened anytime, any place.  It's hard to say, isn't it?  It's one thing to say this or that happened, or this caused that.  But when it comes to the question why, that's always tough to pin down.  Especially if we assume that the reason would either be denied, or perhaps not even  comprehended by those who are guilty of the act.  So we'll just have to wait. Perhaps some document will be found to shed more light on the subject.  Or it just might remain as it is, with the gaps being filled by people in ways that will say more about them, than it will about Major Hasan or those who failed to see the inevitable carnage.

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  1. A nice bit of restraint. Glad to see someone not exploiting things to advocate an ideology. You do make your point, but you didn't fall into the trap of using it without further information. Don't often see that on the internet!



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