Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still busy

Just a note that I am still very busy trying to help my Mom and family get adjusted, and move things, and generally get settled in after placing my Dad in a nursing home.  Thanks for the prayers.  Will be back soon, maybe later this week, but likely next week.  Lot's of stuff happening.  Prayers for those in the Middle East, and in our own backyards who are struggling with financial woes.  Also a lot of wildfire in the Catholic blogs about Lila Rose and her sting operation against Planned Parenthood.  As usual, we pulled the pro-life bus off the side of the road and have insisted it's better to debate the morality of her sting action, thereby letting the fugitives escape as the MSM was able to quickly sweep the whole, sad episode under the carpet and turn out attention to Wisconsin, and not because of it's defeat of the Buckeyes.  Oh well.  We'll get into those things later.  For now, more prayers for those who need them most, and a few for us would be appreciated.

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