Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging to resume presently

Well, catch up time is coming around now.  We were blessed in not losing our power yet again.  A couple years ago, we actually got hit with the remnants of a hurricane, and hurricane force winds played havoc in our part of the neighborhood.  Yet we not only dodged major damage from falling trees, but didn't lose power like so many around us.  This year, another wind storm hit and took out one of our backyard trees.  It hit the neighbor's fence and shed, but did so in such a way that no damage was done, the fence and shed were fine (a little dent on the side of the roof), and our garden was spared.  This time, ice and freezing rain and ice and freezing rain.  Power was out everywhere - except our part of the neighborhood.  That allowed my parents and sister and her husband to come over and camp out over night.  It was a pleasant time, like old times when we were all together, cozy and snug while the temperatures dropped to near zero.  So all in all, we've been spared many things, and are thankful to God, and praying that all others are cared for and protected and comforted in kind. 

All that is to say, we're woefully behind on things this week (we did lose cable/Internet for a day).  So this weekend will be catch up.  We're following the basketball Buckeyes as they continue to dominate!  We're mourning for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they continue to implode.  And of course, like all Americans of good heart and sound mind, we are planning on rooting against the Steelers on Sunday.  Much work, planning, praying for job concerns, and of course the obligatory fun time with the family - these are our plans.  If something super-colossal happens, I'll pop in.  Maybe I'll throw something out about Egypt, though I prefer to wait and see.  Otherwise, I'll see everyone Monday.  Remember, tell a friend, share with family, hijack a bus - anything to spread the word of the blog.  I see some new names popping up.  Ya'll come back now, sit a spell, take your shoes off.  Also, become a FOLLOWER!  I know that has been a bit fickle, but hopefully if you try, it will work (Let me know via email along the left side of the page that there's problems).  And otherwise, see you next week. TTFN. 

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