Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Planned Parenhood covering up sex trafficking?

No.  Never heard that before.  Of course, like the ACORN tapes before, these will be shown to have been discredited, discarded, found to be fakes, and to have shown the zealotry dedicated to destroying this esteemed institution that, as Meagan Kelly on FOX News reminds us, provides many great services to teenage girls outside of that whole abortion issue.  But then, this is the same Meagan Kelly who, when reporting on a story about a family who decided to use seven thousand dollars for a down payment on a new house after selling an autographed letter from Barack Obama, snorted with derision over how seven thousand for a down payment must be 'for an awfully small house!'  Yeah, let's be out of touch with reality.

But Meagan's lack of credibility aside, I'm going out on a limb by suggesting that there is probably much more to these stories than mere conspiracies.  Yes, the tapes are made by people who are out to get Planned Parenthood.  But that's ultimately irrelevant.  If Planned Parenthood is even accused of such things, you would think supporters of PP would be on it like white on rice.  Just like so many expected Catholics to jump on the Church as soon as the first accusations of abuse surfaced.  Because no matter what the motivations behind the lawsuits, what mattered was protecting the victoms of abuse. Same here.  I say this because, at this point, the main defense I've heard is that these tapes were made by people out to get Planned Parenthood, as if this should be reason to stop caring about the second case in which the same criminal activity was said to be happening.

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