Thursday, February 10, 2011

Science and the all explaining theory that explains everything

Over at the Huffington Post, Robert Lanze, M.D., tries to explain that science can explain everything, including what science can't explain.  Basically it's 'How do we give meaning to a race of people who have been told they are nothing but biological accidents who will die and rot in the grave - without straying from the idea that science has to explain everything.'

It seems strange to imagine that everything has to be explained by the physical sciences.  Physical science is great - for explaining the physical universe.  But to imagine that unless there is a physical scientific explanation, it can't exist, is odd to me.  Especially when I imagine just how many things we are wrong about now that, a thousand years from now folks will laugh about.  I actually imagine a time, sometime around the year 3011, when a child will ask his father, "Daddy, do you mean people in the 21st century actually believed that science could explain everything, and if science couldn't explain it, it didn't exist?" 
"Yes, son, that's what people believed." 
"Well, that was silly wasn't it?"
Nope, for me I'm content with saying there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies - or sciences.

And the funny thing is?  There is nothing in any science today that can prove or disprove my prediction.  The world will have to wait.  Whether I am right or wrong, at this point in history, depends on what we belive in the first place.  And that's sort of the point, isn't it.

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  1. ok so trying to think all of that through made my head spin a little. We need only look at the past though to realize that the today and the future will react just the same way.
    So you may be correct, but who knows. The future is not set and the past is there for us to learn from. So when our today is in the past people will look at it with a different view then we do today. Neat the way it all comes around. :)


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