Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Has Sundance found religion?

Hell no, if you ask Anthony Sacramone at First Things. Basically, responding to a gushing review by John Horn at the LA Times, he informs us that it's what we've come to expect.  Hollywood, mind slave of the emergent Left, is also it's primary propaganda wing.  Seeing the grand eternal conspiracy by evil Organized Religion as the root to all suffering, expect any films produced today to reflect a similar attitude.  According to Anthony Sacramone, the five talked about 'religious movies' at this year's Sundance Film Festival* don't disappoint.  As per usual, the religious characters are divided into two parts.  On one side, you have bigots, homophobes, fascists, morons, idiots, dolts, racists, hypocrites, child rapists, tyrants, liars, thieves, and imperialists whose crosses take on the shadowy glimmer of a swastika.  On the other, you have confused, lonely, miserable, frightened, flawed, yet well meaning people who finally realize the shortcomings of this institutional lie and fallacy that has caused so much human misery through the years, and finally find enlightenment through some watered down, pseudo-Eastern repackaging of  modern narcissism expressed through the sacrament of hedonism and self-centeredness disguised under the moniker of self discovery.  Yep, as I said, it's what we've come to expect.  After all, there's nothing more predictable or conformist than the modern American film industry.

*I link to the Festival site as a matter of personal policy.  I don't condone it or in anyway encourage folks to go there.  Anything you see promoted or celebrated there is not reflective of me or my views in any way.  Readers be warned.

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