Friday, February 25, 2011

Save Baby Joseph

A more heart wrenching story I've not heard of recent months, and that's been in a period of heart wrenching stories.  Brave young baby is fighting for life.  It doesn't look good.  Parents would like him to come home and be with the family. Canada, in following the footsteps of every great, post-Christian socialist society, has decided it knows how to define and handle what is and isn't valuable life.  Ordering Baby Joseph removed from his ventilator, he has been condemned to die.  In addition, he will not be allowed to go home with his family in keeping with the parents' wishes.  Typical.  Canada is, after all, keeping the faith of the post-liberal left that in all things sex, drugs, and vulgarities total freedom; everything else, including human life, right to religion, speech, and thought, will be controlled and suppressed by the government that gave you unfettered access to the aforementioned sex, drugs, and bathroom humor. 
You can go to Save Baby Joseph on facebook.  Do what you can.  Remember, before the Nazis were slaughtering Jews and other minorities by the millions, they were training Germans to believe that some life just isn't worth the keeping.  And we all know how that turned out.

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