Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Where is the White Supremacy coming from in America?

 I don't know.  Let me think for a minute:

The above is part of a list on Google from a single search including the words White and Racism in America. 

America's liberals and liberal minorities have essentially endorsed talking about white Americans the way Germans in the 1930s talked about Jews.  The question isn't if or when there will be some violent 'racial reckoning'.  The question is, why do America's liberals seem to want it to happen?  After all, no sane person of  good will would adopt the above attitudes toward a group of human beings with the expectation that harmony, peace and love will be the result. 

As a bonus, here is another slick headline suggesting why some Caucasians of a particular age group might feel put upon by our modern society:


  1. I can understand how people as old or older than me get bamboozled by the "if you disagree with the left's push, you're an irredeemable racist" narrative. I grew up in a time and a place where the goal seemed to be to judge people "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" and where reality seemed to be pretty close to that goal. Anyone who ranted about skin color thus stood out as an unjustified bigot. People significantly older than me will remember real and obvious racial injustices and so have a good reason not to want to repeat those things.

    But take the millennials and zoomers. Around the time that millennials started their education discussions of race went from "we are all equal" to "we need to especially recognize minorities so that they can be benefitted more." Very soon after this became the focus it quickly went into overdrive, with discussions of how minority culture was better than "white culture" (paired with denials that whites even had a culture), that racism was systematic and perpetual and that whites could not possibly be innocent of it, and now to open discussions of white people being evil and needing to go.

    So imagine you are a white Zoomer. All your life you've heard about how people should be proud to be black, mexican, etc. while simultaneously being told that you should be ashamed of being white. You've been told because you are racist you will need to devote all of your energy to benefitting minorities, but even if you do that you'll still be a racist. You've been told that your culture should be destroyed, while simultaneously being told that if you take part in "minority culture" you are "appropriating it" which makes you even worse. But you've never been told that all races have the same human dignity or that we should strive for equality (now people don't even give lip service to the word "equality.") You've been told that minorities can and should try to get as much as they want, but you arbitrarily cannot. You may have even be a working class kid who has went into lifelong debt to be lectured about your privilege by a black college professor who makes more money and has better social connections than you ever will.

    At this point there are only two likely reactions.
    1.) Completely become self-hating and submissive. Accept that you are garbage and can never be anything but garbage. Is there any wonder that suicide rates are high?
    2.) Reject the narrative that whites cannot seek to get ahead, and thus become a white supremacist.

    Your upbringing makes it nearly impossible to seek the human dignity of everyone, especially since most Zoomers have next to no contact with Christianity. It's just a choice of whether you deny others their dignity or whether you destroy your own.

    1. Basically, you are asking me to imagine I was raised by the public schools, with my parents and grandparents having little to no impact on my upbringing. You might as well ask me to imagine that my parents were devoted followers of Jim Jones or David Koresh or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and they were letting the cult leader raise me. Yeah, when parents let crazy people raise their kids, anything might result. And yes, Uncle Sam definitely belongs on the same list as Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

    2. If your parents are boomers or younger (so the vast majority of people at this point) there is a very good chance that they in fact had little to no impact on your upbringing, instead trusting schools and entertainment to do that for them. There are exceptions of course, but allowing the state and the media to raise kids has been the norm for at least 40 years now.

    3. You're absolutely right. What we are seeing is as natural for young people today as being proud of our national heritage was generations ago. You just didn't really question it. Today, whites make being ashamed of being white into a badge of honor. Hating on America is the American way. Decrying the sins of previous Christian generations is almost dogma. And all for a world with the end results we see today. And that's the kicker. If things were getting better we might be able to defend some of it. Instead, look at the nation and the world. As my sons have said, if it was any other generaiton than this one, it might seem more noble. As it is? Not so much.

    4. @Rudolph Harrier -- Chance has nothing to do with it. Chance might determine whether I am struck by a meteorite, but this has to do with human choice.


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