Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Unfathomable and horrific

In an echo of the terrible nightmare at Sandy Hook, we learn that another elementary school has been attacked by a mass shooter.  Apparently at least a dozen or more children - some reports say as many as 18 - have been murdered.  A parent's worst, absolute worst, nightmare.  God bless and save the agony and horror that those parents will be going through.  Those children are with the Lord, God bless them.  They had their lives to live yet were cut short, but their sorrows have been left here for us to carry.  And carry we must, especially for the families and parents and guardians of the victims.  That also goes for the adult said to have been killed.  And it goes to the family of the killer.  As one of my sons said, in our most merciful we can hope the killer made his peace with God before his life was ended.  For if the Gospel of history is even close to being right, that is his best hope.  

We will likely never know about the shooter, and any potential motives beyond guns.  And we all know damn well why.  Pray for our soulless nation.  Pray for a nation that knows what the problems are but in our arrogance and hubris would rather let such horrors continue than admit we could ever have been wrong.  How many more will weep at the graveside before we admit what we all know?  How many of our faith leaders will simply join the deflections rather than call out the problem? 

I don't  know.  I just know my heart is broken right now.  I'm trying to avoid thinking about the parents and the moment they realize their child was not a survivor. Gads I can't do it.  Lift our prayers up to the Lord, and may God's incomprehensible mercies and grace cover their hearts, protect their minds and give them the strength they will so desperately need. May God do the same for all who experience such tragedy and loss we will never hear about.  And may God have mercy on our nation. 

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