Saturday, September 10, 2022

Busy week!

Whew, that was a week.  Much of it was spent catching up.  First week of school was the big priority:

A walking stick instead of a sword - just right for learning

Yes, our youngest is now in 8th Grade.  One more year and he's a high schooler. Of course he's homeschooled.  He's also going through Confirmation classes. In addition to hammering out the Faith, we hope that will get him back with kids his own age - something that has hit the skids since Covid.  With his older brothers all moving on, and fulfilling their own obligations, he's been doing quite the solo act. 

Things will still be slow here on the blog.  First, because of the pile in my outbox.  Also, partly because I'm noodling blogging and the whole social media shtick that has dominated the world over the last decade or two.  I'm not 100% convinced it's been a net boon for humanity.  It certainly hasn't been a boon for democracy, freedom, the Gospel, the sanctity of life, or the future. 

I saw a reflection on the spiritual pitfalls of commenting on the Internet.  I must admit, if I answer the questions honestly, I would seldom comment on anything.  Sometimes I think that might be the better way.  

Though I'm also mindful of the fact that much of what we're seeing today - the completely terrifying batnuts cockadoody crazy being not only endorsed, but mandated - is the result of the news media weaponizing the crazy that does exist on this platform.  A platform that has become a digital lynch mob inquisition run by psychopaths, usable when convenient by our news outlets, universities, hospitals,  schools, and even churches. 

So just abandon the Internet?  I dunno.  That might not be the best strategy.  But simply rambling on about the same old, same old isn't working either.  For instance, I saw this.  I find that the most significant story I've seen in months.  I wonder if my readers can guess why.  

Anyway, still much to do.  Can't say when and how much I can blog.  This upcoming week is already pretty busy, with the calendar already filled.   I'll stop by when I can.  Appreciate all the prayers and support, especially for the young'uns' bookstore.  Keep up the prayers, and more news to follow.  If nothing else, it will be family and fun blog posts, which isn't a bad way to spend blogging.  Till then!  God bless, and TTFN. 


  1. Social media in general is a cacophony of ignorance speaking to the uninterested about the insignificant. I have never participated and can not say that I have missed anything of note.

    1. My sons have a quip along these lines: The Internet can be good, but is often bad; social media is usually bad and seldom good - except Twitter, it's always evil. There is little in 25 years of watching this develop that suggests they're too far off.


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