Monday, September 5, 2022

It's a wrap!

One day of business in the books

A year ago, when they first mentioned, in the fledgling days of their relationship, that they would begin a business together ... well, you know how parents can be.  We smiled and encouraged them, and assumed once they were engaged and about the business of entering into the world they would begin to drift slowly toward that wider path in life taken by most of us. 

Well, no.  Against a Himalayan sized pile of odds, my second oldest and his fiancĂ©e demonstrated a bulldog tenacity matched with a herculean effort to do what was hard to imagine a year ago.  Yes, they have had plenty of help, prayers and support.  Both families have done yeoman's work stepping in and building, painting, carrying, hauling, and anything they could.

But it was never in place of their efforts, merely in addition to their efforts.  As I've said, I'm proud of all my sons.  Each one is carving his own path in life, none of which seem terribly similar to the other.  They are hard workers, dependable, reliable, and strive to do the best job they can, in the most honest and upright way possible.  

But the courage and sheer dedication they brought to this is admirable.  Before they are married, they have already learned more about working with each other than many couples will heading into their fifth wedding anniversary.  Yet, as of now, it has worked well and they have been blessed. 

The newest entrepreneurs in the American marketplace


  1. That's a great photo of them. Best of luck. Impressive work on making this happen.

    1. Yes, we are very proud of their hard work. They have put in their time and efforts. Even the floor was done by them. Something they had never done they learned to do. I told them whatever happens, they have amassed experience that many married couples who have been together for decades wouldn't enjoy.

  2. Recently I came across this article which said, and I quote:
    "“I don't think it's responsible to bring children into this world,” Johnson said. “There are already kids who need homes. I don't know what kind of world it's going to be in 20, 30, 40 years.”"

    Which is sad because they don't get, as your kids prove, that the children you raise are how you change what the world is going to be like in 20, 30, 40 years.

    Your kids give me some hope. Here's hoping today is the first day of an institution that will have a long and storied history, and be remembered decades from now by all those who's lives were touched by it.

    And good luck to the bookstore too. ;)


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