Saturday, March 13, 2021

A difference between Catholics and Protestants

We Protestants had our own versions of Fred Phelps to be sure.  But once we learned about them, we didn't invite them to be keynote speakers at our churches about things like homosexuality - or anything for that matter:

In today's world it takes nothing to find out what someone is about online.  That Mark continues to be lauded by endless Catholic clergy, publishers, schools, parishes and other outlets, despite what he does and how he does it, shows a glaring problem in oversight that seems worse in Catholic circles than I've seen in either Protestant or even Orthodox circles. 


  1. Mark's very existence kinda defies the laws of physics.

    1. Technically, that Mark is a professional apologist and teacher of Catholic social teaching defies logic.

    2. It does defy logic if logic is what we are looking for in Mark. I could be the top theologian in the world, know every devotion the Church has given the faithful, be top apologist and attend every Mass I can and still fall short in faith. God did not ask us to be intellectuals but faithful. Mark would be wise to know that the more is given to a person the more will be required. We were all given the Truth but deviating from it and teaching others to do the same is wading in muddy waters.

    3. For me the logic defying part isn't Mark, but those within the Church who still lift him up. Not because he isn't perfect. But because he's really nothing more at this point than a political activist who mainly twists and turns the Faith to conform to his own partisanship. That he often engages in calumny and personal attacks to buttress this only makes it worse. Again, Fred Phelps was far from perfect, far enough away that we wouldn't have had him as a keynote speaker for anything.

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