Thursday, March 25, 2021

Biden blinks

So President Biden will finally give a press conference.  This is the longest in modern presidential history that a new president has gone without giving a press conference.  And we all know why. 

It should be noted that the "press" is nothing of the sort.  It is not journalism or media or press. It is the propaganda arm of the secular Left.  To that end, it lifts up and promotes various leftist agendas and the party that embraces those agendas - most of the time.  On a few occasions, however, the press will turn on those same leftists under certain circumstances.

One of those circumstances is when the general untouchable position of the press is challenged.  Remember Obama?  The man the press lifted up as the new Messiah?  Remember when Obama told media outlets not to use FOX News as a source?  Whew.  The press was on him like white on rice  Why?  Not that any of them would ever have used FOX anyway.  But they did not appreciate a sitting president - even one of their own - telling them what to do.

Another case is here with President Biden. By not having a press conference the Biden administration was inadvertently showing how pointless and meaningless these conferences are.  After all, we're getting by quite nicely without them. Poll after poll has shown Biden as the most popular president in history, and all is improving around the world.  Who needs press conferences?  

That's the last thing the media wants.  So beginning a couple weeks ago, I noticed reports starting to slip in this 'still no  press conference' jab when covering this or that story.  It was around then we also began hearing about the border crisis.  It's my guess - my opinion - that the press was trotting out the border crisis to force Biden's hand.  A sort of 'we're going to keep hammering this until you talk' tactic.  

I could be wrong, but I'll guess after the press conference the press's reporting on the crisis will change.  It will be emphasized how it's all Trump's fault.  The daily reports of abuse and suffering along the border will diminish.  It will be back to 'Biden saving the world one day at a time' reporting.  For the record, that's my guess.  Even today, after the announcement, I noticed a different tone when reporting on the border crisis than I had the last several days. Again, I could be wrong.  The press could keep the border crisis front and center and squarely on the White House lawn.  But I'm guessing not. 

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