Monday, March 1, 2021



Yes, as our country rushes to officially embrace racism, racial bigotry and discrimination, it might be worth pondering certain questions we used to ask.  Growing up, the number one question was always 'How did they [Germans in the 1930s] let that happen?'.  Well, look at us.  This is visible from Jupiter racism.  It's the same race hate and ethnic cleansing attitudes we saw in Germany.  Or that we saw in the KKK.  Or that we saw in the Democrats' push against desegregation and civil rights.  

The ones going along with it are just the types who would have gone along with the same thing a hundred years ago.  Anyone able to talk about whites the way Nazis talked about Jews a hundred years ago would likely have talked about Jews a hundred years ago like they're being called upon to talk about whites today.  

Just as a bonus, the euphemistically named Southern Poverty Law Center has taken the next step to say even violent crime should be understood through skin color.  That is, based on your skin color, some violent crimes you commit may be less bad than the same committed by that skin color over there. 

Again, what kind of person could let happen what happened in Germany in the 30s?  Easy.  The same kind pushing for, or letting, the same thing happen today.  

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