Monday, March 29, 2021

No Whites allowed

The BBC reports on the latest drive to push white people into the back of the bus.  Young media superstar Amanda Gorman asked a young Danish colleague to translate her poetry into his language.  When he Tweeted of the honor, outrage ensued as he - and whites everywhere - were schooled on why whites have no right to translate the works of black or other minority authors. 

It's happening fast.  We're already past where the Nazis were in terms of anti-Jewish rhetoric before they came to power.  You have to get to mid to late 1930s Reichstag anti-Semitism to hear what we're hearing about Caucasians, Christians, Europeans and European Americans today. 

That it's lily white liberals helping lead the charge doesn't matter.  An ugly chapter of the Nazis was those Jews who did, in fact, turn over their fellows in the hope of currying favor with the Reich.  Same here.  It's actually called auto-genocide.  It means slaughtering your own people, reasons no doubt varying.   

Like most evils, it's about power.  A sort of 'hey everyone not White/European/Christian/American: Help us burn them in furnaces and you can have the spoils ... just remember to give us our beach mansions in Malibu and Manhattan penthouses when it's done.'   I'm sure there are a few journalists, and not a few Christian leaders, who imagine they will be part of the select few given such perks when the dust and ashes settle. 

And to those Christians who will excuse or even support this, irrelevant of their ethnicity: You also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.  

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