Sunday, April 19, 2020

Christ is Risen!

To which the Orthodox respond: Truly He is Risen!

In Orthodox tradition, Christ descending to Hades is a primary focus on Resurrection Sunday

Yep, it's Easter, Part Deux in our house.  In a show of solidarity, we have celebrated both Easter celebrations this year.  Meaning that last night, we were up to about 2:30 AM.  Our Orthodox church live streamed the Pascha service with his family doing the heavy lifting through the 3.5 hour service.

To show his support, our oldest then cooked up a nice buffet for the family since the Orthodox tradition is to have a massive feast following the services (remember, Orthodox fasting is brutal, and people are usually on the floor by the time the service wraps up).  So after the service ended, we gathered around the table and feasted. 

So He is Risen!  A reminder that Christians don't venerate the day, we venerate the event.  Today's secular age, which rests heavily on ignorance about anything not focused on me and now, might fall for the silliness that Internet critics throw out about the Resurrection.  But we Christians know. 

So whether Eastern or Western tradition, we all celebrate the same crucial event.   And so again, Happy Pascha.  He is Risen!

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