Thursday, July 4, 2019

Why we celebrate Independence Day

Donald McClarey has it in a nutshell.  There is much to mourn and lament in our nation today, and many who would profess Christ are selling their birthrights for a bowl of stew, whether for expediency's sake or cowardliness, I don't know. 

But today is a day when we remember the hope and optimism and joy that came with a new human experiment; the best that's ever been tried in the long, sad history of human social development.  I'd like to think we're not the generation that will see it die, but we might be.  Nonetheless, education does wonders, and perhaps despite us being in the age of the information highway, people might start being educated once again.

They've always said there is more that unites us than divides us.  I fear that is no longer true.  Nonetheless, there is always hope.  Not that the United States is the Kingdom of God, but neither is the planet.  If we can care about global warming, we can care about the best shot humanity has ever had at making a nation come anywhere close to what might be best for as many souls as possible.


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