Monday, July 22, 2019

Go Miss Michigan

So young Kathy Zhu, Miss Michigan, has been booted from the Miss World pageant, and now has had her title of Miss Michigan stripped for breaking with Leftist newspeak.  She dared to question the consistency in Muslim dress as it is sometimes presented and sometimes not presented. She also bothered to mention that the press's false narrative of millions of Blacks dying at the hands of racist white people is counter to the real problem the Black community faces. 

One, of course, is a valid question, but not necessarily a fact.  But the tweet about Blacks being the biggest killer of Blacks, well out of proportion to Whites killing Whites, is a fact.  In fact, the biggest threat Blacks face today is from other Blacks.  

But again, we are already 1/3 Soviet, and with the Press and a growing number of Corporations jumping on board to eradicate freedom, life and God, it might be too late.  When the best chance we have is the reelection of a president like Donald Trump, you have to admit things are bleak.  And that's not a reflection on Trump as much as the utter impotence and cowardliness of so many who see the problem, but simply won't band together to do anything about it.  Unlike Miss Zhu. 

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