Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Here comes racist Reagan

As the Democrats flounder in the polls, with only a couple front runners within the margin of error against Trump, the rest being well behind Trump in the presidential race, the press had to get creative.  And so they did.  It turns out they found some tapes of Ronald Reagan with then president Richard Nixon.  In those tapes, Reagan is heard making racist (or back then known as off color or even racially insensitive) jokes. 

They are what they are.  It was wrong.  He shouldn't have said such things.  You wish more would have risen above that level of disrespect and bigotry than did.  That's enough to take from this. 

Of course that Left loves racism and encourages it, stands by and ignores when it's directed at non-leftist minorities, and goes after it with Salem Inquisitor McCarthy tactics that would bleach the Red Scare when it aids the Left.  The purpose is to destroy.  No mercy.  No forgiveness.  No reconciliation.  Race, when convenient for the Left, is the unforgivable all defining sin that renders someone no longer truly human.  In addition, for the Left, this means 'Reagan the Southern Strategy GOP Racist Hitler' that will then spill onto Trump.  Since the sins of one proves everything about anyone remotely connected to the other.  Again, when convenient for the Left.

For sane people we look at Reagan as much of a product of his time as are we of ours. We see how far we've come, and yet how far we have to go.  We also see the clear and obvious evils being used and exploited by constantly dwelling on the sins of the past.  Nothing is allowing the sins of the present, including support for censorship, genocide, bigotry and violence like keeping our eyes constantly in the rear view mirror and the sins of those who came before.

Like everyone, Reagan was a flawed human being who echoed the bigotry of his age, a bigotry once embraced by so much of America's press, media, popular culture, marketers and educators.  May we only use this to better avoid being played by the same institutions today and embracing what is evil merely because, as they did in the past, those same institutions would have us do it today.

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