Friday, July 5, 2019

On our Independence Day celebration I wondered how much longer will America be free

I wondered, as I looked in vain to find media reports condemning the Antifa assault on a conservative journalist.   So far, the press has done everything from ignore Antifa to endorse it.  And right now, it seems to be taking it's famous 'let's not judge, let's just report' approach to things when the news doesn't aid the Left's agenda, such as a left wing group resorting to physical violence against non-leftists.

But the bigger question is, how long oh Lord?  How much longer will this capstone of the 2500 year march toward concepts like equality, freedom and democracy last?  Clearly the Left has every intention of tearing it down.  It hates Christianity and the gospel of Christ; it hates America and its heritage; it is making it clear that Stalin, McCarthy, and Orwell are the architects of the type of society it craves; it is fully endorsing hatred and condemnation of people based on skin color and ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and religious doctrine; and it's doing so to broaden the state sponsored elimination of unwanted human beings on genocidal levels in the promise of drugs and debauchery even as people continue to die by the hundreds of thousands from our sex and drugs obsessed era.  In addition, it's making it clear that it will destroy, or advocate the destruction of, anyone who stands in the way of the designs of this rising leftist state and progressive religious revolution.

It's already teetering on too late, as increasingly those who try to resist end up like this journalist, or an employee terminated, or a public figure doxxed (new word I learned - it means digging into someone's past all the way to their childhood to find something to destroy them with, ala McCarthyism and the Red Scare).  Apparently this is all the rage, and is fully endorsed by the same institutions that once condemned the same approach all those years ago.

What it will be like in another half dozen years remains to be seen, but it likely won't be good.  Much of this has occurred in just the last decade or so.  The last half dozen years have seen an almost 180 turn by so much of our nation willing to let America and the Christian West, if not the historical Christian Faith in general, die.

Can it be stopped?  Should it be stopped?  Has God taken His hand off of this ages old march toward where we were because we've been bad stewards of the freedoms and bountiful blessings we received?  I don't know. I just know it is foolish to think this won't go down bad when it does go down.  To think it's no big deal is to forget that in 1933, most Germans probably thought the latest chancellor election was no big deal; or those in Russia or Ukraine imagined that all the unrest in Red Square was no big deal.  The problem with history is that you have to wait for it to happen to study it.  And then, of course, it's too late.


  1. Hi David, I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Just FYI, doxing or doxxing refers specifically to deanonymizing someone, i.e. revealing their identity or whereabouts, not revealing their past. And I personally would have phrased the bit about the Left "fully endorsing hatred and condemnation" differently. Those who run to "the Left" find many allies while fleeing from Christ: people of different "skin color and ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and religious doctrine". That's why their rallying cries is "TOLERANCE!" They stand alongside those who feel or who are in fact (they don't care which) marginalized and delight in sharing their indignation. If they "condemn" anyone it's their strange bedfellows, who are discretely having their throats slit by abortionists, "philanthropists", and other devils.

    1. Ah, will remember that in the future. Sort of when those girls where threatened with having their homes revealed back when they were praying at that abortion clinic. I think your appraisal of the left is accurate. I've often said that the Democrats spent the first century promising to save the white majority from the vile minority; and then in the post-war era, turned on a dime and became the party dedicated to protecting the minority from the vile white majority. That coalition it has built explains much.

      Anyway, thanks for the visit and insight. I 'll keep it in mind.


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