Wednesday, July 17, 2019

God talk around the Apollo landings

As a matter of fact, no, I hadn't heard of this.  Ever.  It has never been played in any history lesson or news cast that I've seen.  It has never been mentioned.  In fact, so new is this, I'm prepared to think it's a hoax.

Except I realize that even if America on the street level held to a form of Christian religion by the time of the moon landings, most of our elite society had long abandoned the Faith.  Knowing also that media bias and educational indoctrination is not something that just happened following the debut of Game of Thrones, I'm inclined to believe the inconvenient part of hyped up stories might have found their way onto the cutting room floor - over and over and over again.

Nonetheless, assuming it isn't a vast Christian right wing conspiracy to make this up, it's interesting that even as late as 1969, God and religious faith still played a prominent part in our cultural soup, even in the hallowed halls of NASA.  It's also sad to see how quickly it has been utterly jettisoned and sent to the closet and the catacombs.
But then, how many years ago would we have scoffed at the idea of people going to jail for opposing gay marriage, or being condemned because of scribbling in a high school yearbook, or being called racist merely because of their skin color, or being told their Christian faith should preclude them from public office?  Beware of fast societal changes.  They seldom turn out well.

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