Saturday, July 6, 2019

If you remember that the Left is now the enemy America

It's all ... part of the plan. 
All of this makes more sense.  The Left has been able to dispense with old Christian notions of humility, reconciliation and forgiveness along with all those pesky sexual norms.  The goal, of course, is a Marxist based Bolshevik revolution that will establish a psuedo-Communist police state, with a touch of Nazi-styled elimination of unwanted humans.  And how is the Left getting a nation founded on such lofty ideals as equality, life and liberty to abandon all three?

It's doing this by a brilliant sleight of hand where it delivers a nation of law and standards based on socially constructed demographic identities, in the name of diversity.  There is a pyramid of demographic groups being built, and you don't want to be anywhere but the top.  Exactly who will be at the top remains to be seen - which is what keeps us off balance.  Right now those identifying as transgender/LGBTQ are certainly close, since it's the LGBTQ movement that has effectively gotten Americans to reconsider such notions as freedom of speech, thought or religious liberty.

It's like that scene in The Dark Knight.  A rather chilling scene if you think about it.  The Joker has dispensed with one of the crime bosses who was most antagonistic to the Joker's designs.  While the crime boss is being 'dealt with', his body guards are held at gunpoint by the Joker's own thugs.    After killing the boss, the Joker then grabs a cue stick and tells the body guards that he is offering tryouts for an opening in his organization.  There is, however, only one opening, and there are three bodyguards.  At that point, the Joker snaps the cue stick in two, looks at it a minute, and then throws one of the roughly broken pieces in front of the body guards.  He walks away, and coldly says to make it fast.

It's rather cruel if you think on it.  These bodyguards who, only moments before, were relishing in their positions, living among luxury, yucking it up with each other and their boss, must now fight to grab the broken cue stick and use it to kill their former friends and colleagues in order to stay alive.

Well kids, that's what the Left is essentially doing to Americans.  That's what totalitarian regimes often do, they just usually have to wait to get complete control to make it work.  It's not done for the cowards, the Quislings, the 'New Prolife Christians' willing to look away from the screams of a million slaughtered innocents because the Left says so.  It's for those who do feel something is amiss, and might actually do something about it if pushed too far.

In our case, the Left has made it clear it wants a McCarthy-like Orwellian state that rolls out new 'truths' on a daily basis, demands instant fealty to these malleable standards, and reserves the right to retroactively punish anyone who listened to the Left's truths of yesterday.  In addition, with the full blessings of our press, educators and cultural elites, it reserves the right to use any means necessary to eradicate opposition: Digging into our pasts, finding old letters, emails, yearbooks, conversations or pictures with which to ruin us.  If you fail to conform, you might be banned from the marketplace, or fined, fired, or physically assaulted.  Someday it may even be jail, you just never know.

But the biggie is that, in addition to this, we're finding out that how we are treated may well depend on what demographic group we're in.  Can you say this or that word? Depends.  Does it depend on a common standard applied to all Americans?  No. It depends on what your demographic identity is.  Should you be believed, or should we accept your accusations at face value?  Again, it doesn't depend on a universal standard, or even evidence, but on what demographic you belong to.  Can we assume guilt, or assume the worst of your ulterior motives without evidence?  Why, that also depends on what demographic group you're part of and where you are on this ever shirting pyramid.  'All _______ are obliviously __________' has become the officially sanctioned mantra of the Left.

That's how the Left is getting a nation founded on the goal of freedom, equality and establishing a more perfect union to throw them all away.  By dispensing with the Christian roots of our culture, it is free to foster arrogance and narcissism, resentment and vindictiveness, inquisitor like judgmentalism and hatred of those who fail to affirm the rightful place that our demographic identity has assured us.  No need to even feign mercy or letting bygones be bygones.  Forgiveness if for the weak, and the non-leftist.

Beyond this, your place might shift on any given day.  A woman accusing a man can be believed by virtue of her gender, unless her protests run afoul of transgender sensitivities.  Or a black man can be assumed to be honest as the day is long when accusing a white man of racism, until accused by a woman.  Then see gender trumping gender above.  Or maybe tomorrow it's different.  Who knows?  With the Left, it's here today, gone later today where principles and morals are concerned.

The end goal is to take over the country and eliminate its morals, its freedoms, its possibilities by keeping everyone off balance.  So far, it's done a bang-up job.  Already minorities have been told to resent and hate, and young people have learned that our nation is among the most evil of in history, and it's foundations must be eliminated.

Just in case anyone wonders if this is the prudent way, however, or feels inclined to object, that ever shifting demographic pyramid keeps us guessing.  As fewer and fewer of us have access to that coveted cue stick, you can bet more and more will just turn a blind eye, or even support whatever forces can assure us that, in the end, we're the last ones holding that stick at the top of the pyramid.  No matter what the cost.


  1. The problem is that the Left has no boundaries to its definition.

    And that's why it keeps spiraling out of control.

    1. Yep, and I think it keeps everyone off balance, especially if they're paying attention. After all, you just don't know when you'll be declared 'guilty' simply because you are no longer in the right demographic.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think it's a big mystery. Fringes and extremists are always in any group. But it's when those extremists begin calling the shots and amass a following, or enough willing to look away. As one fellow said, the vast majority of Germans in 1933 probably had no more concern about the latest Chancellor election than Americans who care about things like that today. As for those who do care, those on the left - let's call them liberals - simply will not call this out. They are absolutely convinced, as my old mentor Dr. Dave Gushee, that history is simply the good guys trying to fix the problems (the Left) vs. the bad guys who are the problems (the Right). That something of violence, oppression, bigotry, hate, evil and even killing could emerge from the left of anything. Add that to the fact that so much of our power institution - the press, education, Hollywood - are firmly behind these extremist development, and that's where you'll not only have the extreme of the Left flourish, but an equal extreme opposed to the Left will arise as well.


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