Thursday, May 28, 2015

With arguments like these

Who needs enemies.  It makes no difference at this point.  CAEI is beyond help.  There are a few who keep plugging away.  Though I had resolved to stop going there, some events compelled me to continue for a time.  But only for a time.  But reading things like this, that would embarrass an uneducated fundamentalist Baptist evangelist in a tent revival on sawdust floors, are increasingly a waste of valuable time.  Still, I have to continue for a few extra weeks, perhaps a month or so.  Until then, I have to endure this.


  1. Why don't you tell some of those idiots to come over here where there's less of an echo chamber.

    Whenever I watch those yahoos talk about the Iraq war, I want to start listing the long crimes that Sadaam Hussain committed over the years, and as them if they can explain why he had to be left in power without using consequenalism.

    It all reminds me of this article:

    And the question they never want to seem to answer on those blogs:
    "Why do American leaders who vow "never again" repeatedly fail to stop genocide?"

    It's hard to take anyone seriously who seems to believe that evil must be opposed... with strongly worded petitions.

  2. TM lutas on a non-CAEI board mentions something that gets even funnier when you remember how often Shea like to talk about his "stages of history" and all.

    "The conservatives read the law, identify where it's going to be a foul up and 3/4 of the time, that section of law is simply not implemented as written or delayed for years contrary to the law as written. This, somehow is an indication that conservatives were playing chicken little and doom saying when there was no doom to be had. I'm really impressed by libs who can maintain that position with a straight face."

  3. I understand why you feel the need to go to CAEI. It's like a car wreak. You know you shouldn't look, but you just can't turn away...

  4. I thought you might appreciate this. I found it in the comments at Crisis by a fellow name of Craig Roberts, under an article called "Leaked Laudato Lamented."

    There once was a blogger named Shea,
    who thought all the pope did was o.k.
    So if the pope farted
    he'd call you retarded
    if you failed to admire the bouquet!

    Phil Steinacker

  5. It is like a car wreck, but increasingly just unpleasant. One reason I stopped going to various atheist and liberal sites was because I grew tired of being told traditionalists, conservatives, Americans, and in fact all Westerners who hadn't seen the Light of the Left were in fact evil, racists, bigots, sexists, idiots and sub-human losers. The fact that, with a few notable and courageous exceptions, CAEI is almost entirely that is reason to stop going. Even some who are not part of the worst of it still have adopted the America as Great Satan, the vileness of the Traditionalist, and the post-modern 'I'm to sexy for a tribe' mentality. All of which is made worse by the growing hunch that they are not the exception, but the rule in which the modern Church is leaning.


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