Friday, May 1, 2015

America wasn't made for people who don't agree on anything

So said my 16 year old.  It is an affront to the remnants of the English language to apply the word 'United' to anything to do with America.  And as if in answer to his observation, this wonderful article came to my email.  Possibly one of the best assessments of the cultural rot that has destroyed the society we must soon bequeath to our posterity.  The divisions and the collapse of reason, much less revelation, is a cancer that could be beyond curing.  The best part comes at the end.  From that wonderful insight:

"We now know that the Enlightenment Project has utterly failed because we cannot possibly agree on what human flourishing looks like, what hinders it, and how we can solve our problems. We become more and more fragmented because the only thing that we really do agree on is that we all need to pursue our best life now, as long is it fits with what “society” deems is acceptable. The problem is that “society” and it values/truth is not rooted in anything objective other than what can be shouted loudest, advertised, manipulated, and forced upon the rest of the people through persuasion and even force. Reason is no longer appealed to. Just persuasion and ridicule if one does not get with the program." (emphasis mine) 

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  1. "Reason is no longer appealed to."
    Sad but true. Reality does not matter. The "agenda" becomes like a religion and they'll do anything for their god.


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